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Random Pictures
Trellix CEO Don Bulens and Gurunet head Bob Rosenschein:

Stewart Alsop, who founded this conference, along with him holding his digital camera (the tiny Canon Elph) with my picture on it (this is a popular pastime with digital camera owners):


Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal speaking:

Journalist panel:

PR people panel, along with a closeup of the head of the PR firm Microsoft has used for years, Pam Edstrom:


Walt Mossberg asking a question with Chris Shipley holding the mike:

Will Hearst and John Markoff in the hallway:

Networking panel:

VC panel, with closeup of Ted Dintersmith of Charles River, one of my board members:


Napster panel:

NY Times Chairman and Publisher, Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., giving a very entertaining speech:

Demoing to Shawn Fanning of Napster in the hallway late at night:

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