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Here are some pictures to start.

(To save lots of time, I will only note the names of some people. If I miss some I should have mentioned, let me know.)

People getting set up at around 8:15 am:


People saying hi, including Dan Gillmor to Scott Rosenberg (next to Mark Bernstein) with Jessica Baumgart talking to Dave Winer, and Chris Lydon coming in to say hi to Dave:


Charlie introduces Dave:



People in the audience listen and type:


Webcasting by Bob Doyle:

Weblogs and Journalism panel. Ed Cone, Glenn Reynolds, Scott Rosenberg, Joshua Marshall (left to right):




The audience, with questions:




Dave talks with Doc Searls and Dan Gillmor:

Break time:


Griff Wigley (small business blog coach), Halley Suitt and Doc, me and Halley (taken by Doc):


Weblogs in Education panel. Lance Knobel, Pat Delaney, AKM Adam, Brian Weatherson, Kaye Trammel, Jenny Levine:


Now, time for some pictures of the audience...

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