What I saw at Comdex 2000
The journal starts with my trip to Las Vegas.

Some scenes: Microsoft's Bill and Steve, wireless demos, Las Vegas extravagance, tiny toys
This journal is for people who like seeing pictures, especially of people they may have heard about or whose writing they read, and like the little scenes that I like to show to convey the ambiance. You get to see the pictures I take to show my friends in the industry. I assume that you've been following my Personal Log and know who I am.

There are lots of pictures here. I try to crop them and make them small to minimize download time, but there are more than 20 per page. I took more than 600 pictures during three days or so and over 200 appear here.

This is yet another example of what you, too, could do with Trellix's products, Trellix Web and Trellix Web Express, on a family vacation, wedding, or whatever. (That's the reason my company lets me spend so much time doing this.)

Apologies to anybody I name incorrectly or forget to name or don't show the picture of or show an unflattering picture of.

The Trip to the Hotel
The flight and what happened on the way
Gates Keynote Night
Sunday evening with lots of press and Microsoft people
Monday part 1
Monday walking the show floor
Monday part 2
My panel, three parties at night, waiting with the lions
Tuesday part 1
InfoTrends imaging expo, lots of digital cameras, and more
Tuesday part 2
An honest cab driver, more exhibits, one more party
General Observations
Small is "in", wireless is coming, Microsoft tries to make its next platform

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