With the first posting of this Comdex web site done, I packed a daypack with a few things and left the hotel to go to the Convention Center to register. I took a cab. Sitting between the two front seats was a TV, running ads:

Little screen in a big metal box

We took the fast highway (I-15) that goes parallel to the Strip. We sped by the new Paris hotel:

Eiffel tower and other buildings

I was dropped off in front of the Convention Center:

Las Vegas Convention Center

I wandered around until I found the registration area and entered the Exhibitor part. It wasn't very crowded, but it's ready for the big crowds tomorrow morning:

Posts to corral a waiting line

Instead of dictating your name, address, etc., to a typist there were dozens and dozens of Toshiba laptops:

Person explaining to another how to use the system

Here's my badge:

Dan Bricklin badge in yellow Exhibitor holder

Badge in hand, I could now enter the hall. Exhibits were still being set up:

Two people high up in a cherry-picker  Two guys installing monitors  Unloading boxes

I found the Trellix "booth". Actually, it's a meeting "room" (i.e., cubicle):

Line of meeting rooms

Well, it was time to go to the Venetian hotel to hear Bill Gates' keynote. Into a shuttle bus (almost no wait):

Looking back at the people sitting in the bus

The Venetian replaces the old Sands hotel that was bought by the person who used to run Comdex. It is very impressive:

Front of a large tall building

There is a canal with gondolas in front:

Bridges over water with buildings in the background

Inside there are many, many shops along a canal, also with a gondola. It was lit up like midday, and the ceiling was painted to look like the sky. The color of the lighting was very realistic. Each time you moved to a new area you were sure you went outside into the sun:

Water and shops

Julianne of Trellix tells me that the old Sands building served a special purpose before being demolished: It was used (in simulated slow motion that took forever to film) in a crash in the movie Con Air.

Finally, I had to walk through the casino on the way to the area where Bill was going to speak:

People sitting at a blackjack table

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