Dan in Globalization Land
The journal starts with an introduction.

The Foreign Policy Association ran its World Leadership Forum 2000 conference from September 6th to 8th, 2000. I spoke on a panel  entitled "The Internet and Globalization".

This web site is a report of what I saw at the conference and in New York City. The United Nations Millennium meeting was going on at the same time (which made it easier to line up some of the heads of state as speakers), and I got to experience the extra security in the city, too.

I think techies well find this topic both fascinating and gratifying. We've gone from being part of something world leaders barely knew about to the creators of that which is completely changing how everybody lives and how countries work.

I'm totally new to the topic of Globalization. Other than reading one book this summer and attending this conference, I haven't paid that much attention to the details. (That is likely to change.) So...what you'll read here is what I found interesting, not necessarily what experts think. I approach this from the point of view of a member of the computer industry who also has an MBA. If you are from the computer industry, too, join me in learning. If you are an old hat to foreign policy, enjoy watching what an outsider sees.

Apologies to anybody I name incorrectly or forget to name or don't show the picture of. I tried to report what I heard faithfully, but invariably there will be mistakes.

Here are the pages on this web site.

How I came to be at a conference about foreign policy.
Thomas Friedman's view of globalization
The author of a popular book on the subject gave the luncheon address the first day.
My thoughts
Some stuff I jotted down while listening.
Other panels
Reports and pictures from other panels.
My panel
Much of what was said at my panel.
Security in New York
More pictures.

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