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Arriving and Getting Ready
I took the 6:55 am United flight from Boston to San Francisco. It gave me some time to have lunch with Evan Williams and discuss the next steps with Blogger and Trellix. We had sushi at the restaurant in my hotel. I also walked up the hill to the Fairmont Hotel to say hi to Geoff Bock of the Patricia Seybold Group. He had invited me to hear him speak at a conference for Vignette (also one of the sponsors of the CTO conference) but at the last minute they switched his talk with someone else and his was going to be at the same time as the speakers' reception I needed to go to. Well, at least we got to talk a bit and I got some exercise going up and down the hill. (If you haven't been in San Francisco, trust me, it's some hill for a city).

Evan Williams, Geoff Bock, walking down steep San Francisco
Our hotel is the Palace. Restored to its old splendor:

Palace Hotel, outside and in
At the reception I talked a bit with Don Norman of the Nielsen Norman Group, my co-panelist Dan Werthimer, chief scientist of SETI@home, and my panel's moderator Glenn Ricart, EVP & CTO of CenterBeam. The other panelist, Ray Ozzie of Groove, didn't show up until right before our panel. CEOs have to do sales...

Don Norman, Dan Werthimer, and Glenn Ricart at the speakers' reception
Bob Magnuson, CEO of InfoWorld, spoke a little and had us each introduce ourselves. Some group! CTOs of all sorts of places, from Boeing to General Motors to Textron to Staples to...Trellix :)

Bob Magnuson welcoming the speakers, people listening
After the speakers' reception there was an "everybody reception". The photographer (I didn't get his name and he didn't have any crds with him) had been at another conference with me and we talked and clowned around a bit. He had a nice Canon D30 (drool!) with this huge 14mm lens (equivalent to a 26mm or something on a normal camera because of the size of the sensor). You can see the picture he took of me on the screen on the back of his camera:

Clowning around with the camera person
Finally, it was time for the conference to really start, and we all herded into another room.

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