InfoWorld CTO Forum 2001
Dan Bricklin's pictures from the conference for Chief Technology Officers, with notes.

This web photo album has lots of pictures and varying amounts of notes.

Note: There are 10-20 pictures per page here, at about 10KB or so per picture.

Arriving and Getting Ready
Seeing Evan Williams and Geoff Bock in San Francisco before the conference, and then the pre-conference receptions
First Evening
CTO of the Year award to AOL Time Warner's Bill Raduchel, and a panel discussion with James Gosling, Don Norman, and others
Wednesday Morning
CTO survey, some panels with Tim Bray of XML fame and others, Oracle's $1 billion "savings"
The Rest of Wednesday
The panel I was on about P2P with Ray Ozzie, Alan Cooper the lunch speaker, interacting with customers, evening entertainment with comedian David Brenner
Thursday Morning
Managing through crisis, managing talent, the VCs talk about money, usage-fee model applications, Eric Drexler talks about nano technology and molecular machines
Ballmer's Talk and Leaving
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's speech about their view of things and Q&A, going home

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