Internet Summit 2001

Dan Bricklin's pictures and comments from The Industry Standard's Internet Summit 2001 conference, July 24-25, 2001.

This web photo album is mainly pictures with some impressions and details of a few points people made, not a full report of everything that was said. There are reports on other web sites, such as The Industry Standard's special section, or various reports on (search on "Summit") and Leslie Walker in the Washington Post.

Note: There are 10-30 pictures per page here, at about 10KB per picture. Also, many pictures are really pictures of the projected image of people up on stage.

People from Microsoft, Groove, BEA, Sun, eBay, Yahoo!, and more
Tuesday Morning
Analyst presentations, Compaq, Earthlink, and more
Later Tuesday
802.11b people, IBM, Verisign, Dell, AOL Time Warner, and more

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