Dan Bricklin's Photo Album from the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science Birthday Celebration

April 12-14, 1999

LCS celebrated its 35th anniversary. This is my album of pictures.
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What it felt like at the Events:
Opening Reception   |   Sessions   |   Lunch   |   Demo Reception   |   More Sessions

The sessions:
Keynote   |   Director's Vision   |   Oxygen: Tomorrow's LCS System

The Time Capsule Ceremony
The party for members of the Multics team
Pictures of many of the individuals who attended
Pictures of Bill Gates who announced a major donation
The official LCS web site at www.lcs.mit.edu/anniv

The photographs, text, and other content are not to be reproduced without permission. See "What is this album?". This album was authored using the Trellix program.

© Copyright 1999 by Daniel Bricklin. All Rights Reserved.

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