After a break (during which the press attended a press conference with Gates and some MIT people), Prof. Dertouzos, director of LCS, introduced his vision: "Doing More by Doing Less: The Next 35 Years".

This next phase of LCS, called "Oxygen", includes hardware/software systems and software technologies. The hardware has three components:

   The Handy21 handheld: a unit the size of a cell phone, with screen, able to act as your personal companion, with wireless connectivity, voice control, and more. He showed a prototype case, though the actual unit will be much smaller. The hardware itself is being developed in conjunction with another lab.
   The Enviro21 wall unit: A larger unit, not demonstrated.
   The Network21: The server-type unit, also not shown.
Here is a picture:

Michael Dertouzos and Handy21 prototype

He also listed the five technologies they will be concentrating upon:

   Speech recognition and synthesis and understanding
   Individualized knowledge access