Bill Gates was one of the two "honored guests" of the Opening Reception. (The other was Frank Gehry, architect of the new building.) Here are some pictures of Bill in this type of setting.

When he first arrived, few people knew he was there, and he could walk around with Michael Dertouzos without drawing much of a crowd:

Bill talking to the Dertouzos'

Here he is talking to Bob Frankston. The photographers are getting ready to photograph the Time Capsule ceremony:

Bill in crowd before Time Capsule ceremony.

During the time capsule ceremony Bill laughs at my jokes:

Bill talking with Dan Bricklin

Here he laughs at Bob Frankston's point:

Bill talking with Bob Frankston and Dan Bricklin

After the ceremony, when everybody saw that Bill was there, people crowded around him:

Crowd around Bill

A few got to speak with him:

Bill Gates talking to Bill Warner as Joyce Plotkin watches

Some people had an easier time than others getting to speak with him. Here Marvin Minsky walks up:

Marvin Minsky walking up to Bill

Here some more people talk with him:

Bill talking with others

The next day, this is what he looked like giving his speech:

Bill delivering his speech

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