This album was produced using Trellix, a product of the company I founded, Trellix Corporation. Trellix is like a word processor reinvented for writing for the web. It lets you edit the entire set of pages at once. It has a freeform map that lets you organize the pages. All of the pages are stored in one file, just like the way slideshow programs store the entire slideshow together or spreadsheets store all the formulas and cells together. At any point you can output the whole thing to HTML and have it put on the web. (I have included the map here -- an option when producing HTML.)

It only took several hours to put this together (there are over 150 pictures). That was including choosing the pictures, "fixing them up", cropping, etc., using the software that came with my digital camera (an Olympus D-400 Zoom), and getting names, etc., researched on the LCS and other web sites, and organizing them, writing the captions, etc. Writing for the web can be quite easy if you have the right tools! (It sure took less time than using a paper album of the same complexity, and so many more people can enjoy it...)

Here is Tim Berners-Lee holding a camera just like mine to try (he has an older one of the same brand, which influenced my purchase thinking he did the research, but then I found out he got his as a gift from his wife and had little idea about different models...):

Tim Berners-Lee with a camera

I'm very poor at remembering names. Luckily, LCS has the foresight to give everybody large badges, like the one on the home page of this album. By zooming in on the photographs, I was often able to identify people:

Close-up of Joseph Weizenbaum's badge

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