I present here pictures I took of various people I ran into. The order is somewhat random: Two groups, ordered by first names, and then a new page about every five people. Let me know if you want a change to a caption. I'd like to put down a sentence or two about each person, perhaps with a link.

Directors of LCS
Dertouzos, Fredkin, Fano, Licklider
People Pictures 1
Nelson, Poduska, Warner, d'Arbeloff, Readerman, Kaiser
People Pictures 2
de Castro, Morse, Ross, Grochow, Landry, Weber
People Pictures 3
Son, Hammer, Nelson, McGovern, Kanodia
People Pictures 4
Stata, Cutler, Patil, Vezza, Kotok
People Pictures 5
van Dam, Burmaster, Gifford, Reed, Vinograd
People Pictures 6
Hunt, Corbato, Doyle, Greif, Meyer, Dennis
People Pictures 7
Saltzer, Moses, Guttag, Savage, Weizenbaum
People Pictures 8
Minsky, Andrews, Green, Rivest, Levy
People Pictures 9
Berners-Lee, Van Vleck
Bill Gates Pictures
Gates, Dertouzos, Bricklin, Frankston, Warner, Plotkin, Minsky, etc.
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