This event was at the Boston Museum of Science.

The main event was the sealing of the Time Capsule. Honored guests included Bill Gates and Frank Gehry.

Here are some pictures to show you what it felt like. There are other pictures on the "Time Capsule Ceremony" page and the "Bill Gates Pictures" page.

Entering the Museum

Getting badges (over 1000 people were registered):

Table with badges

Here's a view of the crowd. There were three levels, this is looking down from the middle floor to the bottom:

View of the downstair receptions

A TV crew documented things for something. I never spoke to them:

TV crew documenting the event

There were lots of photographers. Here I get to return the favor to a photographer who takes my picture frequently for Mass High Tech (he suggested I photograph him next to a wall, so he's one of the few without black all around his face):

Stuart Garfield, photographer for Mass High Tech

There was a band, but most of us just took advantage of the opportunity to talk to friends we haven't seen in years:

Band, with no dancers