One of the major events was the sealing of the Time Capsule to be placed in the new William H. Gates Building. Here is a picture of the building concept:

Building concept

Raymond Stata, who made a very large donation that was previously announced, and after whom the area of the campus will be named, spoke. He is standing next to the Time Capsule, a very large bag made of lead:

Raymond Stata next to Time Capsule

Here's another view of him speaking:

Raymond Stata next to Time Capsule

Here is a section of the inscription telling what's in it (see the complete official list on LCS' web site):

Contents of the Time Capsule

A few of us got to put our artifact in by hand. Most were preloaded. Here is Tim Berners-Lee walking up:

Tim Berners-Lee approaches Time Capsule

Here he drops something in:

Drops artifact in

Finally, he walks away. This went on for seven of us:

Returns to group

Here is Bill Gates going up to put in an original copy of his Altair Basic (as donor, he got to put it in even though he wasn't previously connected to LCS...):

Bill Gates goes up to Time Capsule

Here he drops it in:

Bill Gates puts in a copy of his Basic

Many of us stand by the side, watching the process:

Masayoshi Son, Bob Frankston, Dan Bricklin, Frank Gehry, and Ed Fredkin

Bob Frankston and I put in a copy of the first VisiCalc reference specification and user manual from early 1979, which served as a definition when Bob programmed VisiCalc:

Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston drop in VisiCalc specification

The current and past directors of LCS inspected the Time Capsule (J C R Licklider, who is no longer living, was remembered by many of us and had a poster with his picture nearby):

LCS directors inspect Time Capsule

The Time Capsule was sealed:

Sealing the Time Capsule

Sealing the Time Capsule

The top was then folded down:

Completed Time Capsule

Frank Gehry then gave a speech about how he did his design:

Frank Gehry speaking about the design

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