This album lets me share some of the pictures I took at the LCS 35th Anniversary Celebration. I like taking pictures, I like my Trellix product, and I like the web. This lets me put that all together. For information on how this album was created, see "How was it created?". Most of the pictures were taken by me, but a few (like those with me in them) were taken by Myron Kassaraba, VP of Business Development of Trellix Corporation, and others.

Not all pictures I took are shown and an inclusion here has no special meaning. If your picture is shown and you want it removed, let me know at If I mislabeled your picture, or forgot your name (I am very poor with names) or affiliation, let me know, too. I apologize to all who really look better than they appear here, and I take full credit for those who look better here than in real life.

These pictures are for your viewing pleasure only. If you like them, you might like other pictures on my web site, including the History section. Do not copy them for use elsewhere without my permission. If the picture is of you, let me know and I'll send you the full sized original JPEG (640x480) for you to use as you please. Thank you!

-Dan Bricklin, 15 April 1999
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