PC Forum 2000 Album
Dan Bricklin's pictures from EDventure Holdings' PC Forum 2000 gathering.

This web photo album has lots of pictures of people from Esther Dyson and Kevin Werbach's PC Forum conference (brought to you by Daphne Kis).

Note: There are 10-20 pictures per page here, at about 10KB per picture. I have lots more material and will be adding it over time. Check back here or in my log to find out about additions.

First Night
The buffet dinner Sunday night after I arrived -- lots of people pictures
First day of the conference, including dinner speaker Whoopi Goldberg
Second day
Last half day
Some random thoughts from the conference

Trellix Web is one of the products I demoed at PC Forum. A small part of this web site was published as part of the demonstration.
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