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First Night
To save money, I first drove from the Boston area to Providence, Rhode Island, and flew to Phoenix via Chicago. Here's a picture of the walkway between the B and C terminals in Chicago with that neat neon sculpture:

I shared a taxi from the airport to the hotel with Michael McCaskey, Chairman of the Board of the Chicago Bears football team. I told him about some of the sports related web sites our users are making. We remembered the Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and his team. He remembers it as a glorious game (it was for them). I remember the disappointment. He tells the story of the New England fans who yelled "We're number 1!!!" when the game first went New England's way, and then "We're number 2!!!" as the tide turned. Here he is at the check-in (it took a few tries for the check-in person to get the hang of my digital camera -- luckily you can check the results on the spot):


I plugged in my laptop to recharge from the plane and went over to the buffet dinner on the "Lagoon Lawn". Here's the hotel at night on my walk from my room and some of the people sitting eating:


I found my friend Bob Frankston. Here he is with Yossi Vardi of ICQ who made Bob empty his pockets to show off all his gadgets (two cameras, a cell phone, a Visor, etc.). Here's also a picture of Esther:


As usual, I found Sheldon Laube of CenterBeam and his wife Nancy. Nancy's in her more common pose taking pictures in the second shot:


More people: Bob Rosenschein of GuruNet, Gerry Rosberg and Ralph Terkowitz of the Washington Post, and Greg Stikeleather of Sofinnova Ventures and John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins and TechNet (it sounded like he was talking more politics than tech):


Mort Rosenthal of Wellspace looked quite well. (Many of you will remember him from Corporate Software.) He's now trying to brand alternative healthcare practitioners, such as massage, acupuncture, etc. Mort was one of the first investors in Trellix:

Here's Dave Winer of UserLand, the head of the panel I'll be on Tuesday afternoon ("Web-based applications"), and one of the other participants, Evan Williams of Pyra, the Blogger people:


Here's Robin Neustein of Goldman Sachs as well as Bill Howard of PC Magazine:


Nat Goldhaber of CyberGold, Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly + Associates, and Michael Schrage of the MIT Media Lab:


Finally, it was time to go to bed (well actually, to write this up quickly and post). The lawn was emptying, and it was back to the huge but far away room I was given:


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