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Here are a few pictures from Monday morning's presentations. I just got one of the 3Com wireless LAN adapters that they were giving out and am doing this while listening to a session, so I can't pay too much attention to what I'm posting, but at least I'll start getting this site done.

Esther projected, introducing the conference and interviewing the Time Warner speaker:


People listening. Don Norman and Jakob Nielsen in the middle:

Steven Levy and Jared Sandberg, Newsweek:


Steven holding a new device that will be under $100, free service including paging, news, etc., but is advertising supported:


Here's a receiver for TeraBeam's 1Gb link for companies. You put this in a room next to a window and point it to a building in your city with their transmitters, and you're connected to the 'Net. It is "fiberoptics without the fiber". Dan Gillmor wrote it up in his Tuesday column the next day.

John McChesney of NPR trying on Inviso glasses that give SVGA:

Here's a handheld version using their technology, and a picture taken by moving the camera lens right up to the eyepiece. The touchpad is for pointing and the button on the back "clicks":



The company is looking to license their reference designs. They are the display technology people. The handheld is supposed to show just stuff in a FlashCard in the handheld shown.

The dinner speaker was Whoopi Goldberg. She gave an artist's perspective from Hollywood of our industry and what we can do. Afterwards, people went up to talk to her. (Thank you Mort Rosenthal for taking my picture!) She seems at least as nice in person as she is on the stage, and sweeter (and more shy, she claims). She got in to our industry through her involvement with Flooz.com, and was there to talk with us and learn (she was not paid to speak). Her mentioning her desire to make her own film elicited a question from the audience of how much it would cost. "$2.5 million," she replied. "Done!" someone yelled out. (Apparently a few people came up afterward to make the offer. It's strange having people around to whom that much money is a casual investment.


They even made the dessert look like Whoopi:


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