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The Hotel has lots of animals around. These pictures are for the kids of some of the attendees to show their friends at home:


Larry Lessig gave a great speech to open Wednesday morning. He's the Harvard Law School professor who's so much in the news, especially with regards to the Microsoft/DOJ case. He spoke about the importance of End-to-End in the Internet, and about government regulations. You can read it on his web site as The Code in Law and Law in Code (Lecture at pcForum 2000).


Here's what a panel looked like:

3Com gave out wireless LAN cards (to keep -- but they're useless without a base station...). TeraBeam provided 1Gb of Internet connectivity. Lots of people did their work while listening. I hear during the day we usually used about 70Mb of bandwidth among us.


GoAmerica.net gave out wireless email/web devices. (You had to pay to keep them -- I bought one to try.) They were great. People were always looking into their laps to read mail. I even got mail while I was up on the panel (and gave a quick reply.) The little keyboard works. The browsing let me check some things I needed to look at.


I saw Doc Searls of Linux Journal after the last speech:

A last minute demo of Gizmos by Eyal Gever to Megan Smith of PlanetOut:

Here's Yossi Vardi of AOL/ICQ and his son Oded on cell phones (not to each other I'm assured). The hotel charged 75 cents for 800-number calls from the room. It seems the more expensive the hotel the more they charge for the same phone service. What's totally new is that during the breaks the phone banks are almost completely empty. Everybody uses their own cell phone. These almost unlimited no-long distance charges cell phone plans and digital phones with long battery lives have completely taken over.


Here's Jakob Nielsen, the famous usability person sitting at one of the tables outside during the last lunch:

Finally, here are two of the happy (and relieved) people who put on the conference, Kevin Werbach and Esther Dyson. (Unfortunately I don't have any good pictures of Daphne Kis, the president of Esther's company.)


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