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Faces of People at PC Forum
Here are some pictures I took that show people's faces. Their names and affiliations are from a list we got, if available.

Sanjay Jindal, Director, Technology, Chanin Capital Partners talks to Yair Goldfinger, Founder, ICQ:

Timothy O'Reilly, President & CEO, O'Reilly & Associates, Kevin Werbach, Editor, Release 1.0, EDventure Holdings, and Gene Kan, Infrasearch:


James Dougherty, President & CEO, IntraLinks, Mitchell Kapor, Accel Partners, and Steven Levy, Senior Editor, Newsweek:


Judith Hurwitz, Chairman, Hurwitz Group, and Robert Glaser, Chairman & CEO, RealNetworks:


John McChesney, Correspondent, Technology , National Public Radio, and Bob Frankston.


Bobby Orbach, Entrepreneur-in-residence, Techfarm Ventures, Gary Bolles, Ziff Davis Internet/Conferenza, and Bob Frankston:


Robin Neustein, Goldman Sachs, and Irene Greif, IBM Fellow, Lotus, with her sister Elaine:


Dinner speaker Steve Hayden, Ogilvy, Saul Hansell, Reporter, New York Times, and Scott Kurnit, Primedia:


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