Here are some pictures that give you a feeling of what it was like to be at PC Forum:

We (all several hundred of us) sat in a large room with the speakers shown on projection screens scattered around the room. Here is Eric Raymond, President of the Open Source Initiative, during his speech:

Eric Raymond, Open Source Initiative
A lot of the action occurs in the hallways. Here is the main area outside of the ballroom where the speeches and panels happened. The blur should give you a feeling for the motion as people "networked" with each other:

In the hallways there were couches, and computers all over with browsers:

Couch and browser
Lunch was outside. Half of us could sit under the trellis, but the rest sat in the 85+ degree sun. Esther provided hats the first day...

Lunch outside
Afternoons had company presentations in smaller rooms. Here are some of the people packed in to listen to a pitch about a company:

Back of company presentation room
Back of company presentation room
Here's the front of the room. They made RadioLAN adapters available for those of us who wanted to borrow them, so we could surf the web and read email throughout the day:

Front of a presentation room
Here is the company doing the presentation:

Company presenters from
Here is a slide from another company, Centraal:

Slide on the screen from a company presentation
Monday evening there was a dinner with a famous dinner speaker. Katharine Graham, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Washington Post Company spoke. As usual, for those of us not in the front, we could watch on television...

Katharine Graham, Washington Post Company
In the evenings there were get-togethers, like this one at the hotel's bar:

Outside the hotel bar for late-night schmoozing
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