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This is an on-line photo album of pictures taken at the 1999 Platforms for Communication Forum by Dan Bricklin.
PC Forum is Esther Dyson and EDventure Holdings' conference. The conference has a heritage going back over 20 years to its original founding by Ben Rosen when he was at Morgan Stanley.

This is a sampling of some of the pictures taken informally by me during the conference. Not all pictures I took are shown and an inclusion here has no special meaning. If your picture is shown and you want it removed, let me know at If I mislabeled your picture, or forgot your name (I am very poor with names), let me know. I apologize to all who really look better than they appear here, and I take full credit for those who look better here than in real life.

This album was produced using Trellix, a product of the company I founded, Trellix Corporation. Once I got the pictures chosen, "fixed up", and cropped, etc., using the software that came with my digital camera, and names and affiliations researched in the PC Forum handouts, it only took a little while to put this together. Writing for the web can be quite easy if you have the right tools! (It sure took less time than using a paper album, and so many more people can enjoy it...)

These pictures are for your viewing pleasure only. If you like them, you might like other pictures on my web site, including the History section. Do not copy them for use elsewhere. Thank you!

-Dan Bricklin, 29 March 1999

The Ambiance: What it felt like to be there
New People: Newcomers to this old conference
Old Timers: People who have been known in the industry for many years
The Organizers: Esther and Daphne of EDventure

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