Here are some of the people who have been coming to the conference for a long time, or are from the old days of the PC industry:

Mitch Kapor, now at Accel Partners.

Jeffrey Fox, Consumer Reports, with his spouse.
Jeff is remembered in the early PC software industry
for being the "Fox" of Fox & Geller (see below).

Jake Geller, Quest Diagnostics, the
"Geller" of Fox & Geller.
Ann Winblad
Ann Winblad of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners.

Billy Ladin of today and
ComputerCraft in the old days.
Bob Metcalfe
Bob Metcalfe of IDG.

Dottie Hall, Constellation Group, who co-founded
Slate Corporation with me and others, and the
"Hall" in the old "Turner-Hall" from Symantec.

Lou Dobbs, CNN Financial News (left) with
Scott Cook, Intuit.

Scott Cutler, Compaq, who was at
Infocom (Zork producers) in the old days.
Scott and I went to MIT together.
Sheldon Laube and spouse
Sheldon Laube, USWeb/CKS, with his spouse
(who ususally takes my picture...). Sheldon is well
known as the first major licensee of Lotus Notes.

Larry Tesler, Stagecast Software, also known
from his Apple days.

Ray Ozzie, Groove Networks, best known for Notes,
with Bob Frankston of Frankston Innovating, and author
and usability pundit Don Norman of the Nielsen
Norman Group.

John Sculley, Sculley Brothers, famous
for his work at Pepsi and Apple, now
shepherding new companies.

Bob Frankston, who co-created
VisiCalc with me, who went on to
Lotus, Slate, and Microsoft, and is
now on his own.

Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems.

Brad Templeton, known for founding ClariNet (left), and
Bob Rosenschein, Guru (a new start up), who used
to be with Accent Software.

Me, Dan Bricklin, of Trellix Corporation, with my
old partner from Slate days, Dottie Hall. Note my
hat for the hot sun hanging from my neck...
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