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Getting Ready
We took a taxi to the Union League Club of Chicago where we'd be staying and where the ceremony was taking place. When we checked in, there were boxes for each of us with water, candy, and some Chicago related things (one of the many nice touches):

Awaiting us on check-in
We went down to the ballroom to check it out and see if the projector was ready to test for my slides. They were still setting up. No one was around from the Society yet.

Before people arrive in the ballroom
A few phone calls to the office to keep up with things and then time to put on my tux (yes, I own one, and waste time each time I put it on figuring out how to tie the bow tie):

Getting dressed
I went down and tried out the projector with my laptop. Fine, but the laptop would need to be next to the projector, so I'd need a portable microphone. I told them and they got one for me. Time to go to the reception:

The reception before
They had posters with pictures of the previous winners, starting with Herbert Hoover in 1919:

Pictures of previous winners
Bob and I posed with others for pictures. These are ones taken with my camera. The official photographer did a much better job (he also used digital -- a Sony which wrote a CD so he could make it available right away) using a better flash, etc. He insisted that we pose in some "interesting" shot, so we had to stand for a minute with our hands like we were high-fiving. That picture was put out on the AP wire later that evening. The other people with us include representatives of the other engineering societies that make up the Commission of the Award along with the Western Society of Engineers: American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers, American Nuclear Society, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and National Society of Professional Engineers.

Posing for pictures
Here's an "official" picture of Bob and me with the Western Society of Engineers president Margaret Vignocchi and the Washington Award Commission chair Robert Ivarson, Jr., holding the awards:

An "official" professional picture
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