Halley Suitt's Weblog 1-Year Anniversary Lunch
Here are some of my pictures from the weblogger lunch in honor of the Halley's Comment 1-year anniversary, January 10, 2003.

Harvard Square, the Restaurant

Early attendees, handshakes and introductions when others arrived

Halley reading a congratulations card we all gave her, John Robb talking to Dave Winer in California as we pass Halley's phone around

I turned on my laptop and Lo! and Behold!: We were in a hot spot with great open WiFi connectivity! I handed it over to Halley who posted on her weblog.

The group grew...

...and grew

A few of us took pictures (here I am in the mirror), and there was lots of talking and eating Chinese food. I also used it as an opportunity to announce my SMBmeta proposal (see my weblog entry). It was a very supportive atmosphere.

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