Here are close-out details for Omicron personnel who may not be up to speed on the Kappa situation:

All product lines are being cancelled as of 1 Jan 98. All units sold by that time are being manufactured and delivered. Setups are being dismantled progressively as  each product line is closed out.

The 720's are the only product line with a significant customer base. Most products from the other lines languished in demo / field trial stage, with only a few revenue-producing sales.

Our sales force is contacting all 720 users to advise them of the situation and reassure them that quality support will continue. As 720 contracts come due for renegotiation, customers will be offered substantial discounts on equivalent or superior Omega configurations that can replace the 720 products. Ongoing 720 support will be available at dramatically increasing rates per year.

Sigma Reengineering is currently enumerating all Kappa assets to submit them to a high-level management review as to disposition. If Omicron wants to annex any of them, we should have our shopping list ready.

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