Grab-The-Gems Proposal Summary: After researching Kappa's current assets, I have found three that would complement Omicron's current efforts and add great value to our division.

   Patented Data Transformations
Kappa holds five significant patents on algorithms that allow data sets to be quickly transformed.
   "Skunk Works"
This high-quality jelled team can be annexed as a group. Omicron has considered launching such a group; here's an even better opportunity!
   EU Distribution Network
Kappa's EU distribution network is state-of-the-art, and dramatically under-exploited.

Arguments in Favor of Proposal: The following arguments support Omicron's annexation of three Kappa assets that are critical to the performance of our mission.

   Argument re Patents
We need these to win Far Eastern markets. BATNA: both Omega and Omicron could use the technology?
   Argument re Skunk Works
Omega has its own existing skunk works w/ powerful support from upper management. Need to explain how it'd cause less disruption to move this jelled group to a division where it could start fresh...?
   Argument re EU Network
Good news: Omega shows little interest in the Dutch bonded warehouse system; has called it "risky"!
Supporting Research Reports
    Kappa Close-Out
    Departures, Restructurings, and Layoffs

Supporting E-mail Messages (Selected)
    The CEO's email about the reorganization
    Email from the new head of Sigma Consulting

Corporate Background
    About Sigma
    About Omicron
    About Omega
    About Kappa - obsolete

    Descriptions of Patents
patent 9073583: pretzel
patent 9073681: corkscrew
patent 9073705: rhizome
patent 9073669: tortellini
patent 9073712: noname
    Results of Applying Pretzel Transformation to Omicron Products: Preliminary
    History of Kappa Skunk Works
    Skunk Works Staff Biographies
Marianne Nolling
Diego Cruz Escobar
Thomas Chiang
Elizabetta Koenig
Vladimir Brezniak
    Kappa EU Distribution Centre - Detailed Maps    

Important: This document and all its contents are SIGMA CONFIDENTIAL. This version has been prepared for a special off-site meeting of Omicron directors; a subset of this information may be revised and reused in communications to the division as a whole.