To         All Employees (sigma_world)
From:        Gene Bryce
Date:        2 January 1998
Subject:    Sigma Consulting Wants You

Heeeeeeeeeeey!  It's me again!  But - for a change - I'm not whining about leaks to analysts, or cost per unit, or theft from the supply lockers in Building 5.  Nooooooo!  Instead, I'd like to invite you to be part of a very special launch, the launch of a company which I hope will help Sigma customers grow in productivity for years to come ...

** Sigma Consulting **

You know us already: we're the former Special Projects Group. Same great people, same award-winning training and implementation products, but now with the power to expand and augment our offerings ... and the authority to price our full smorgasbord competitively ... and the autonomy to stay out of your hair while we do it.  You're gonna love us!

** How You Can Be Involved **

First: We'll be taking on several key contributors from Kappa Division. Expect more announcements on this front soon. To give our Kappa colleagues first choice at SC's open jobs, I've pledged not to recruit any other Sigma employees for the rest of 1998. Kappas: email those CV's to Rosalie Kumar, ASAP!

Second: We'll be asking you for references and recommendations. Give your customers the good word: we can help them get productive fast! We've won awards in the past - imagine what a great job we can do of getting your folks up to speed in our new distraction-free business unit. Woweeeeeeee! Newly focused SC sales materials will be forthcoming through the usual channels.

Third: Come to our launch party! Main Campus Gymnasium, Friday January 9th, 4-7 pm. Beer, wine, food, music, SC sweats and sports bags for all, and free office supplies (well, I'm kidding about that last item, but it's gonna be a great time for all). Kick off a great year with us!

To sum up: your former colleagues at the new Sigma Consulting World Headquarters look forward to working productively together with all of you in 1998. When SC wins, Sigma wins ... we all win!!!

See you next Friday!