Our key argument here is that Omega already has a skunk works. It's been operating for over a decade, after the usual rocky start (which also occurred with Kappa's effort).

In our opinion, Omega's skunk works is too large for optimum efficiency. With many layers of bureaucracy and frequent routine status meetings, it is not an ideal place for scientific work. [Our critique, plus the start-up costs and potential personnel issues, has led to Omicron's research staff being organized instead in our current system of free-roaming pods.]

We believe that Kappa's researchers would be disenchanted and discouraged by the infighting at Omega, and hope to offer them a chance to move their research under our funding umbrella with little disruption. At the same time, we'd be open to suggestions previously made by Marianne Nolling, about how to make the group even more productive and less hierarchical.

   Investigate rumor that Marianne Nolling would quit if she had to work for Omega's R&D director (personality conflict)? Probably not a good idea to raise this at Exec however - makes Marianne look bad and we hope she'll soon be Omicron's own star.