Dan says Torn Border document design is OK, so map colors have been matched to it. Still plenty of time to change it!
Are map colors too drab? Could go to bright yellow, orange...for visibility?

Need to check Dan's "good document" list and make sure we use all the tricks.
Needs a tour!
Need a better sigma logo? - current logos are simply symbol font in brown.
Need a better map of EU dist system.
Better "back" button for some detail pages: need Torn Border Up graphic.
Need to add Recent Financials eventually?

Variant title ideas: How to Grab...Let's Grab...

Thanks to Brian Cohen for the stock price numbers and spinoff strategy.

Another map idea: show arrows coming from Rotterdam to other cities in EU - ideally, with sales figures -

Re Omega discussion: Omega is the "other" division, with which Omicron fiercely competes for resources. Omicron's planner's description of them is probably critical. Should this be the company boilerplate or a more aggressive internal assessment?]