The Kappa Skunk Works was inaugurated in 1992 with a determined search and recruitment effort spearheaded by Os Kennell himself. By 1993 the original seven-person team was in place, consisting of the current members plus Researcher Tony Beauchamp and Director Charles MacGregor.

The Sigma Socket project was spearheaded by Drs. Escobar, Beauchamp, and Brezniak. Meanwhile, Drs. Beauchamp, Chiang, and Koenig worked on pure mathematical research aimed at eventually speeding up the entire Kappa product line, and Drs. MacGregor, Koenig, and Nolling investigated design problems with the 720 product family. All of these efforts were extremely successful from a technical point of view.

   The Sigma Socket was immediately hailed as a breakthrough and with Dr. Brezniak's detailed designs and production expertise loaned to other divisions as needed, was adopted as a standard throughout the Sigma product lines.
   Original and energetic applied mathematical research resulted in applications for over 50 separate patents by 1995.
   Drs. MacGregor and Nolling found the key problems in the 720 designs and revised the production plans accordingly. Dr. Nolling's tactful handling of the engineering teams (originally disposed to resent the Skunk Works) resulted in rapid adoption of the proposed changes and improvements.

These stellar achievements were somewhat marred by adminstrative infighting (mostly over resource allocation within Kappa), which culminated in the departure of Director Charles MacGregor in spring 1995. He cited the burdens of administration, "lack of recognition" for his work personally, and the "difficulty of getting Os Kennell's attention for more than ten seconds," as contributing factors in his resignation. Beauchamp expected to be made director at that point, but was outraged when the remaining scientists voted to ask Kennell to give the job to Marianne Nolling. Tony Beauchamp departed in the fall of 1995.

The remaining scientists seem to be functioning as a jelled team. They are reported to be somewhat distressed that, as Kappa's situation grew more desperate, less of their work reached the market. Nolling has streamlined the administrative and bureaucractic demands on the group and is considering eliminating differentiation in titles so that all group members can be "Senior Scientist" without distinction.