Senior Scientist, Kappa Division (1992-present)
Known as "the father of the Sigma Socket," Dr. Escobar has served as lead investigator on several key research projects within Kappa. He is respected by many scientists throughout Sigma for whom he has served as a mentor, and much in demand as a witty and charismatic speaker at industry and scientific meetings.

Selected Experience
Researcher, Sigma Central Laboratories (1981-1992)
Science Associate (1971-1982) at Parasys Corp acquired by Sigma in 1982
Lecturer in Computational Physics (1969-1971), University of Chicago.

Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Chicago, Chicago IL
M.S. in Computer Science, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
BSEE, University of California at Los Angeles, CA

Professional Associations
Transformation Technologists Working Group (Fellow, Chair of Nominating Committee for 1998), Association for Computing Machinery (Fellow), The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (Fellow), Phi Beta Kappa, E. Clampus Vitus

Selected Publications

International Organization for Standardization, "Coding of Transformational Data," ISO/IECF JTC1/SC2/WG11, MPEG 90/000, Berlin Meeting Documents, Dec. 1990, Appendix pp. 50-71