While exploring Os Kennell's dream for the 1000x product line, which never materialized, Kappa mathematicians and engineers successfully developed, tested, and patented five new transformations that provide a variety of types of flexible data handling.

Their internal names are: pretzel   |   corkscrew   |   rhizome   |   tortellini   |   noname

For example, one application of these patents allows incompatible data sets to be cross-indexed despite being co-located. This technology was never added to Kappa's viable 720 family and the patents are now languishing unexploited.

As part of preliminary work for this study, I commissioned a small-scale test of the first patented transformation type (pretzel - patent 9073583) by Allan Weinstein of Omicron Engineering. Allan's first tests suggest that if this transformation were applied to our mid-range products, in place of the progressive transformations we are currently using, performance (as perceived by the end user) could increase fourfold. See Allan's spreadsheet for details.

The other patented transformations are similarly powerful and I am confident we could effectively apply them throughout Omicron's product lines. If management needs further demonstration of their benefit, further tests could be run, but my own view is that another hurried test is unnecessary to demonstrate the attractiveness of this technology. It is very attractive and I do not hesitate to recommend that we either grab it or (in the worst case) share and co-develop it with Omega.

Once the decision to annex has been taken, and additional resources have been officially allocated, Allan's team can work quickly to provide further data to support management strategic decisions (especially those we will have to make about where first to apply these advances).

To date, these patents are unchallenged, but they will need to be fiercely defended once Omicron deploys related technology. We have full confidence in Sigma's legal team(s) but their attention must be called to this technology via its incorporation in viable products.