In general, Kappa personnel tend to be imbued with Kappa's distinctive "crazies on a quest" culture and unless there are strong influences to counteract this (as in the case of the skunk works) we would not want to move over any group in its current form. Acquisition of talented individuals should not pose significant problems if they are integrated into Omicron one by one (as opposed to in a group).   

Omicron specifically does not want or need the following assets:

Sales and Support. The 720 Sales and Support group should rightfully move to Omega, since 720's will be replaced by Omega products (see Kappa Close-Out for details). We have no interest in the others (see layoff information from SHAG).

Manufacturing. We already have excess capacity and the Kappa production techniques do not lend themselves to easy combination with ours.

Utility Programmers and Engineers. We will review Kappa personnel for all our open jobs, as directed, but do not expect skills matches with most of the personnel outside the skunk works.

Managers and Adminstrative Staff. Omicron's division's staff-to-line ratio is the lowest within Sigma, and we are proud of this.