In imitation of Omega's successful group with the same nickname, Os Kennell and his team established Kappa's own high-tech R&D "skunk works". After an initially rocky start, and the departure of two of the original seven engineers, this team has jelled and has begun contributing significantly to Kappa's product line.

This group did the original work on the Sigma Socket (now used by all divisions despite our rivalry - it's that good!) and contains two holders of the transformation patents we also covet. It is solely due to this group that the 720 family of modular devices was able to compete (on both price and performance) in the same marketplace as Omega's equivalent consolidated product.

Its personnel include Senior Scientist Marianne Nolling, Senior Scientist Diego Cruz Escobar, Researcher Thomas Chiang, Researcher Elizabetta Koenig, and Researcher Vladimir Brezniak. I have included their shortened CVs for your review.

   Dr. Nolling is the chief of this informally-managed group; she has an impressive track record of triumphal technology transfers.
   Dr. Escobar's resume reveals a strong background in specialties key to Omicron's expansion.
   Dr. Chiang is a co-developer of the pretzel and rhizome transformations.
   Dr. Koenig is a co-developer of the pretzel, corkscrew, and rhizome transformations.
   Dr. Brezniak specializes in optimizing designs for economical production and manufacturing.

Omicron has several times considered launching a skunk works, but has demurred, due to Sigma's overall poor track record in using this approach (viz. the years before Omega's group got sorted out) and fears that its efforts would not produce results within a reasonable time frame. However, we can definitely annex this proven group with far lower risk than starting a new group from scratch. Their technical backgrounds will immediately be relevant. Given Omicron's status-free culture, we may change the group name, but to sum up, it would be a crime to let this group slip away or, worse, start a competing technology company.