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The MBA Who Mistook His Business Plan for a Web-Site:
The Surprising Absence of Business Documents Read On-Screen
Dan Bricklin
Chief Technology Officer, Trellix Corporation

I'm here to talk about the office, about the way most of us will use personal computers in our daily work routines. How will that change?

Given the tidal wave of the Internet and the Web, what will it be like, and what should it be like, in the office? Well, I think we will be writing and reading a lot on computer screens, and even less on paper. I want to talk about the implications of that move to reading on-screen.

Reading On-Screen in Business
   Short memos replaced by EMail
   Brochures replaced by Web-sites
   Schedule book replaced by Organizer, Outlook, and Pilots

We've killed the paper memo, replacing it with EMail. Web sites have killed marketing brochures, and even the ubiquitous schedule book has moved on-screen. (Over a million Pilots!  [Hold up Palm Pilot PDA]) So that covers about everything, right?


For all the hours we spend looking at the computer screen reading, we don't read anything long on-screen.

Look at this document. It's a proposal for redeploying the assets of one division of a company to another.

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