Part 4
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[Wait for Java to load, etc. Note: Most links are not connected here: just the one for "Background" and "Plan to Win", so follow directions carefully!]

This looks like many web sites you've seen. Pretty cool, huh?

[Note annimated banner ad at the bottom from the accounting department.]

This must be Chris [Point to waving guy], the author. It seems Chris wants a raise... Really wants a raise! [Move cursor over "Give Chris a Raise" -- it tracks cursor left and right.]

Now, where is the information I'm looking for? I have no idea where these links go. [Point to links on top left] They're cute, but no helpful. Maybe here... [Click on Plan in middle, scroll down a bit]

And I still have to print it out!

This is NOT how to make readable, skimmable documents! It's hard to find your way around. And just clicking on links makes you feel like a rat in a maze.

This is much worse than paper.

Let me show you what we should do.

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