Part 5
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[At this point I usually show a document running in the Trellix program. Here I'm using an HTML version of the same document, which is almost identical, but is squished into the frame on the right. It was designed to be shown alone at 800x600 so will look best here if you are running with 1024x768 or more.]

First, no distracting animation. Second, there's an image map at the top that shows you the structure of the entire document at a glance. Each page is represented by an icon, and words and images help organize the pages.

Next, we have a good summary page [Click on link to Quick Start], with lists of informative links. Finally, we can drill down as necessary to more and more detail [click on the "Patented Data Transformations" link]. A few clicks and I can get a feeling for the whole document.

This is a good document. This is better than paper.

It's skimmable and you can find what you want. It is easy to navigate. And it uses a few simple organizing and writing techniques that we all know. It was written using Trellix, a product of my company, Trellix Corporation. The Trellix program is a great tool for writing these documents. In fact, Trellix is the only tool available today designed specifically for end users to write business web-documents. It's also great for experimenting with new on-screen writing techniques.

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