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Dan Bricklin's World Leadership Forum 2000 Speech Home Page

The Foreign Policy Association is ran its World Leadership Forum 2000 conference from September 6th to 8th, 2000. I spoke on a panel ran by Jim Dougherty of Intralinks, Inc. entitled "The Internet and Globalization". The panel consisted of John Sculley (famous in the computer world for being at Apple, now investing in cool companies), Carolyn Buck-Luce (National Director of e-Business and Senior Partner at Ernst & Young LLP), Anthony Giddens (London School of Economics), and me. You can read a description about what the conference was supposed to cover and what I planned to talk about (both written before the conference) in "About the conference".

You can read a copy of my prepared remarks, which are close to what I said on:

Cover of the bookTo understand a lot of the points about globalization, it helps to have read Thomas Friedman's book "The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization" (especially the latest, paperback version). He was the lunch speaker on day one. The book discusses the importance of the democratization of technology, finance, and communication of information, and sees the Internet as a key to globalization.

To help me work on my speech, and as an example of how the Internet can be used for global communication, I decided to post drafts of my speech on this web and solicit comments. It worked. I got comments which really helped me. If for some reason you are interested in seeing those early drafts, you can start with my "Help!" page.

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