Frequently Asked Questions
Does Russia still have this site as a target?

NO.  This Atlas-F Series was finished before the SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty).  The Russians knew these sites were already obsolete  and decommissioned.

Is this site contaminated?  

NO. The DEC(Department of Environmental Conservation) have  rigorously tested all the grounds this past summer. They drilled 5 wells surrounding the site and found nothing in the water that was dangerous for all human uses.

Can I drive to the silohome?

Yes of course, often people think that since the silohome was a former missile base with a private airport, that there is no road access. However, one can access the property via state and county well maintained roadways.

Can I purchase all the land?  

If you act fast, one may purchase all the land available for $400,000  to $500,000 which would allow for 85 to 100 acres in total. The reason we say act fast is because in May/June we plan to offer the extra 10 lots of land to over 200 general aviation pilots who have inquired about the property prior to our subdivision approval. This purchase would allow for the utmost in privacy.

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