Sometimes blurred pictures are appropriate
Even though the photographs are static, blurring caused by motion can provide information about what was happening.
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In a photo journal you are often telling a story. Each picture does not stand on its own, but rather contributes to the whole. In this case, pictures that may be considered flawed by themselves may actually fit in well. Sometimes even out of focus pictures with poor expressions are useful because they support the commentary.

Here the blurred hands give the impression of the motion of clapping and the blurred bat the impression of swinging:

Here the motion of the dancers helps convey the spirit of the event:

In the next picture, you see runners at a distance, part of a sequence that shows them close and far as they race around the track over and over again. By itself, this picture is has too little detail, but in the sequence it helps tell a story:

Finally, know that in a highly reduced in size image the imperfections, like blurring, don't show as much.