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What's Cool: Learn about cropping, GIF vs. JPEG, how resizing can "retouch" images, and more in the Ideas and techniques section.

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Last modified: 3 December 1999

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Who is this web site for?
This web site is aimed at regular individuals who have never communicated with photos using the web. It is not aimed at professional webmasters or photojournalists. It is about communicating with people you know, not just with strangers.
About web photo journals
Why would anyone want to put their pictures on the Internet?
Ideas and techniques
Ideas and information about organization, sizing, cropping, captions and comments, cameras, GIFs vs. JPEG, and more.
Using Trellix Web
How to use Trellix Web (the sponsors of this web site) to create a web photo journal.
Links to many examples of photo journals on the Internet, with comments.
Related links
Links to other web sites on this topic.

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