Dan Bricklin's story of what he saw and how he told it
Showing off a Festival devoted to Storytelling using two products you can use to tell your own stories in digital form
The Digital Storytelling Festival was held September 16-18, 1999, in Crested Butte, Colorado
My journal of the Festival starts here
What I cover: My journal of the sessions
A detailed account of what each speaker said and how I felt about it
My trip to Crested Butte
Why I came, how I got there, and what it looks like
How I made this web site
The tools I used and how I used them
Slideshows and Videos
Streaming media, some real stories told in the Digital Storytelling manner

Watch the Overview slideshow to get an introduction to this web site (requires RealPlayer G2, download from RealNetworks. There are other slideshows and videos listed below.)
There is a What I learned page to give you the ideas without the stories
This web site chronicles both what it was like as an attendee and how I made this "story" of my trip. I created it using Trellix Web™ (a Free web site creation tool made by the company I founded). Dana Atchley, Festival Director, asked me to do this as part of the Festival to illustrate both a form of personal storytelling and a method for regular people to do it themselves. Learn about this wonderful festival from my stories and pictures, and use this web site as an example of what you can do with easy-to-use, free tools.
-Dan Bricklin
CTO & Founder
Trellix Corporation
(Who is Dan Bricklin?)
What's on this web site
My detailed journal as an attendee of the Festival:
Thursday morning
The first day I learned what this conference was about and why I needed to be here.
The rest of Thursday
Less emotional, but still things to learn.
Friday morning
Douglas Adams, an example to emulate, and more.
Friday afternoon
Sites that help people, hypertext, and my presentation.
Friday night
Food and prizes.
Saturday morning
A great photographer, more stories, more tools.
The rest of Saturday
Lunch, rain, more stories, the biology of storytelling, and homeward bound.

Douglas Adams speech in detail
My detailed notes expanded, including some of his jokes.

How I put this together:
Preparing in advance
To prepare, I came up with a general design for what I was going to do and created a starting Trellix Web file. Here's a long explanation of how I started writing this web site.
What I brought
Cameras, software, other hardware.
The initial setup in Crested Butte
What my room table looked like with the laptop, etc., hooked up.
How I worked at the Festival
What I did to create this at night and how Shelley made the slideshows.
After returning to Massachusetts
More time to check URLs and compress the video.

My trip to Crested Butte:
Deciding to attend the Festival
I was fated to go to this Festival in this place.
The trip to Crested Butte: To the airport
The start of the trip.
The trip to Crested Butte: Plane and car
Two plane rides and another car ride.
Wednesday evening registration reception
Eating, drinking, and talking in small groups.
Crested Butte
Pictures and stories, links, weather.

The Big Dig
The big thing in Boston, in pictures. Huge public works project.

Slideshows created with RealSlideshow (requires RealPlayer G2):  
Site Overview
Gives you a tour of this web site. I did this after getting back to Massachusetts.
Pre-Festival Site Intro
A slideshow I created just before I left for the Festival. I talk about my plans for this web site and the slideshows.
Shelley's First: Thursday Morning
Shelley McIntyre of RealNetworks took copies of my pictures, made her own selections, and produced this RealSlideshow on Thursday of the Festival.
Shelley's Second
Here is her afternoon report.
Shelley's Third
And yet another from Shelley,this one about Friday morning, drawing on my pictures but using her narration, feelings, and organization.
Shelley's Fourth
Friday afternoon as Shelley saw it. Done after she left the Festival.

Video I took of what I saw (Streaming RealVideo):  
Video clip of Dana starting the Festival (Duration: 1:29)
Dana Atchley opens the first day telling us Crested Butte is wonderful, but cool for some reason.
Video clip of corporate storytelling section (Duration: 2:10)
Example of a story about Bermuda used to explain why insurance company deals with risk well; Dana explaining about corporate use of storytelling.
Video clip of Biedny & Worthington (Duration: 2:32)
"Making do with what you have -- mastering the tools you've got" from Thursday afternoon. See and hear their style of presenting and a cool example.
Video clip of Thursday night and Bootcamp results (Duration: 10:19)
This clip should give you an idea of what Thursday night was like. It starts with the cookout, with a few skits (it was too dark for my old video camera -- enjoy the audio). It then switches to inside where you can see some of the Bootcamp participants' results shown.
Video clip of the start of Douglas Adam's speech (Duration: 0:53)
The start of Douglas Adam's speech. Unfortunately, my camera battery died early and this is all I got.

Read Heath Row's coverage of the festival for Fast Company in his Road Show diaries (the September 12-18 entries).
See Derrick Story's article in webreview.com and the digital story of his experiences.

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