Here are some pictures and some information about Crested Butte, Colorado, where the conference was held:
What I saw (and a few stories)
The view of the mountains and city
Looking from the Conference Center where we met into the town center, this is what you saw:

Towards town
Towards town
The other direction, from the middle of town back towards the Conference Center direction, this is what you saw:

Other direction, more mountains
From town out
Sitting around during a break, surrounded by mountains:

Sitting around with mountains in the background
Sitting around
Old cars
When we were driving into town, and sometimes around town, I kept seeing really neat old cars. Knowing that there was lots of snow in the area in the winter, seeing such old cars was a mystery. I guessed that people in the town were into old cars and hid them all winter from the elements. Of course, there was really a story behind it all:

Old car we followed one morning into town
Old car we followed one morning into town
When flying home, one of the Festival attendees, Leili, who sat next to me, told me her story. It seems that there is a festival in Colorado of old cars that goes around from town to town. We must have been there at just the right time. In her hotel, the Marriott, she ran into one of the old car buffs in the elevator: Jerry Seinfield! Like the bikers I ran into, Crested Butte is a stopping point for all sorts of get togethers.

The speed limit
A thing that you notice immediately upon arriving in town, if you drive, is the strictly enforced 15-mile an hour speed limit. There are 4-way stop signs on most every block:

Stop sign and speed limit sign
4-way stop
Speed bumps, obstructions, and a radar unit (note that we weren't speeding!):

Your speed radar unit showing 15 mph
"Our speed"
I asked around and here's some of the story. The speed limit has been 15 mph for many years. People still didn't slow down. Some residents would put big boulders in the street to slow the cars. (There are now huge flower pots in the middle of the road in their place.) One day, a child was crossing the road from school and was hit and killed by a car. In reaction, the 4-way stop signs and radar unit were put up. Still, people with out-of-state plates sometimes get cursed, even for going 12 mph. It's a small town that thrives on tourism's love-hate relationship with outsiders who may not fit in with the way of life they want to have.

More pictures
Driving from town up to where the hotels are near the ski slopes:

Hills and hotels
Hills and hotels
I never got to find out the details about this thing we passed on the way into town each morning (something about grouse hunters putting a wing in):

Grouse hunter sign
Grouse hunter sign
On our drive home, back to the Gunnison airport, we could see horses and the aspen's starting to turn color through the rain:
Horses and aspen
Horses and aspen
Some links about Crested Butte
Shamelessly copied from the Festival web site:
General Crested Butte Info
Chamber of Commerce

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