Last changed: 1 Oct 99 2:30PM ET

In reverse chronological order:
1 Oct 99
Added new Overview Slideshow.

27 Sep 99
Added more links and bold words to the journal pages.

26 Sep 99
Added lots of pictures and stuff to Crested Butte page. Reorganized web site, moving journal material before Thursday morning to "The trip" section. Modified home page a bit to reflect new organization and the fact that the web site won't be changing as frequently.

24 Sep 99
Added four new videos (see the home page for a list of them all). Added How I worked at the Festival and After returning to Massachusetts. Added the start of What I learned.

23 Sep 99
Added Saturday morning and a link to Shelley's fourth slideshow. Added The rest of Saturday.

22 Sep 99
Added Friday afternoon and Friday night, made some additions to other pages.

21 Sep 99
Finished work on Friday morning. Added Biedny & Worthington video.

20 Sep 99
No changes.

19 Sep 99
Finished Douglas Adams speech in detail, and the start of Friday morning. I also added more to the end of The initial setup in Crested Butte. I added the story of the PC World interview to the end of Thursday morning.

18 Sep 99
I did writing on the plane, but no time to post. Spent time talking to another attendee processing our experiences.

17 Sep 99
Minor edits only, including adding links to Shelley's other two slideshows on the home page. Prepared for my speech and delivered it, showing off this web site up to this point.

16 Sep 99
Added Thursday morning, The rest of Thursday, and links to Shelley's slideshow.
Added content to The initial setup in Crested Butte, added info on other pages and the slideshow to Preparing in advance .

15 Sep 99
Added The trip to Crested Butte: Plane and car and Wednesday evening registration reception.
Connected first slideshow.
Added Deciding to attend the Festival, The trip to Crested Butte: To the airport, and The Big Dig.

14 Sep 99
Site started.