This web site serves a few purposes:
   Document the festival.
   Show a style of covering an event, be it a conference, vacation, or business trip.
   Show how Trellix Web can be used to let regular people create such things, not just experienced webmasters.
   Show how RealSlideshow can be used in this environment.
   Show how Trellix Web and RealSlideshow can complement each other.
   Show that you can use these tools on the road in "real time" without a large investment or staff.

How did it come about?
Dana Atchley, the Digital Storytelling Festival Director, was interested in showing the Web Photo Journal-style of story (i.e., the style I used in the writeup that appears on this web site of his presentation at the Web99 conference). He wrote this in his invitation to me to speak at the Festival:

I think what you are working with on the Photo Journals (was that the right title?) would be compelling to our audience... A thought:  maybe you could use your software to do daily Festival reports which we could link to from our website and then you could show our audience how you did it.