Here are some "Big Dig" pictures. My taxi driver, Bob, tells me that it's costing $3.25 million a day to build. Watching it progress each day over the years, with its huge scale (miles in each direction, under land, buildings and water), is an experience of a lifetime -- like watching the Panama Canal being built, he says. For those of you outside of Boston who aren't part of this, here's a taste. (We in the Boston area taste it everytime we try navigating around downtown.)

Near the tunnel entrance, looking west
Each time you go through downtown Boston is a new experience. They keep moving roads, putting in temporary lanes, changing exits, etc.

East end of the Mass Pike, approaching I-93
They are moving I-93, that bisects Boston as it goes from North to South, underground. Much of it is now elevated. They have also added a new tunnel that will connect directly from the eastern end of I-90, the Mass Pike. In the past (and until they complete it) you have to go to the end of I-90E, join I-93N for a couple of miles, and then take the old tunnel to get to the airport. This will cut down lots of traffic.

Under I-93 -- temporary bridges

After being left off, I made my way back to the digging, walking along the street

This used to be a street right next to the South Station train station

Big Dig
Under that street, the digging goes way down

A new "street" on top

This is bringing lots of jobs to town


More cranes

Inside the new tunnel

More construction at the airport at the end of the new tunnel

Improving the airport, too