Party at the Crested Butte Country Club
Friday night there was a party at the Crested Butte Country Club. (There was always something going on, no time to work on my web site or relax. I arrived late, since I snuck in a visit to my cousin's home.)

Country Club entrance Door with logo
Country Club under the moon, door
It was a sit-down, buffet dinner:

People at tables
People at tables
I sat next to Derek Keith and his wife Debbie. He's at the Festival to help learn how to tell his company's story (Frank Russell Company in Tacoma, Washington, a city whose airport we all go through when making pilgrimages to Microsoft, et al). He wanted a picture on this web site so his coworkers could see that he really did attend the Festival:

Derek Keith and Debbie
Derek Keith and Debbie
Other than eating and talking together (they kept the band from being too loud), the main activity was giving away free stuff, mainly software from the sponsors including Adobe. They drew our names out of a bowl for some stuff:

Denise, Dana, David
Denise, Dana, David and bowl
They also gave "ears" to people with specially marked drink coupons that we got when we came in:

Van Gogh ear package
"Van Gogh's Ear" still in package
These sticky things (like melted Silly Putty) were then thrown at the boxes of software. You got what you hit:

Line of people waiting their turn to throw Stack of software
Line up and throw

Keith wins!
Actually, Dana and Denise, Festival organizers, are the big winners. The representative from Apple Computer awarded them each a brand new iBook laptop!

Dana saying thank you!
Finally, 10pm, time to take the first bus back.

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