Back home and at the office, I had a much better connection to the Internet and more time (and was more rested). I made many more links to web sites mentioned (I even went back and added some to old material).

I also had the time to do video capture, finally. I used the equipment I brought with me to Crested Butte but didn't use there. I had shot about half an hour of video. The battery for my old camcorder started running out unexpectedly, so I only really took pictures the first day and a bit.

I captured a few segments and saved them as MPEG files, then converted them to RealVideo with the software that came with the Dazzle unit. I posted them to the RealServer with FTP for you to see.

I spent a few hours a day working on this, starting Tuesday after the conference. It seems to take a few hours for each Festival Journal page (they are quite long), and much less than an hour for pages like this (this page took just a few minutes, of course -- the last one took about 45 minutes, including screen capture and testing the method Shelley told me for using the RealPlayer).

After watching the web site logs and seeing which pages people were reading, I reorganized the web site a bit.

Finally, with the web site behind me, and a few days to think about it, I make another slideshow as an overview of the web site. I went through my pictures and inserted them, reorganized them, went through the web site to help me write an approximate script, and recorded the voice-overs.

Following my own advice to get a tape recorder to tape speeches so I can quote them better, I got (for my company) a Sony MZ-R55 MiniDisc recorder and a Sony ECM-MS907 microphone. From now on, I'll have more audio (and better) for my slideshows and web sites, and I used the new mike to record the voice-overs for the new slideshow. I also used SonicFoundry's Acid Style to create the little bit of music (RealNetworks had a special off their web site -- this was my first attempt to use it). I decided to just use music as a lead-in at the start and a bit at the end. I used SonicFoundry's sound editing program (in the same Real bundle) to fade it in and out to make the background music track. (For some other sound editing I had used Syntrillium's CoolEdit, available for free trial in a small download.)

If you have any more questions about how all this is done, don't hesitate to send me mail at